Software testing documentation

During the software audit, we deliver to our customer the information on the product quality as follows:

The list of located defects in the context of the issues tracking system

The document contains the information on the item numbers of defects, date and time of their location, sets the critical level and defines the priorities of their debugging, gives the information on status of the defects, describes the algorithm of their location for the purpose of faulty behaviour reproduction, and offers the methods of debugging.

Report of product readiness with the overview and quality analysis of separate modules

This document works with the readings of different tools and coordinate the data provided. This information approves the objectivity of a project status assessment. The requirements of software optimization are also included in this report.

Test documentation with the detailed information on the quality of every function of an app and errors statistics

All information from the check lists or test cases are quite simple to understand and give you an opportunity to make software quality assurance plan . Besides, the reports writing is a high-demand service on different project stages apart from the project frame and complexity.