We are working on the projects in different areas:


Internet as a service-oriented space is an interactive platform for the most advantageous relations between your company and the target customer. The effective use of those capabilities depend directly on the considered operation of your software.


The content flow of different types and formats is the crucial element, which is designed to support the business processes of your company Unification and integration of documents and their images, workflow, web-content, multimedia and other data is the guarantee of your business efficiency and success. Though ERP testing is a complex task, Webmart QA is ready to meet the difficulties.

Public news and entertainment portals and apps

One of the most actual directions because of the abundance and profitability of projects. Such software is described in terms of a high traffic ranking and integration level with social media. Thus, the specific requirements built up, as follows: information resource safety, its performance on high-load, stability support when launching the parallel grid computing. Website testing is worth your customers received quality product.


Specialized software, embedded in the bank organizations, consumers' cooperatives and other targeted organizations, demands compliance with the following conditions: accuracy of calculations, stable work of application frontend, confidentiality and consistency of personal data and GUI usability. The provisioning of those parameters demands the strongest qualification of QA engineers and multi-play approach.

Content management systems

CMS testing helps you not only to maximize the involvement of stated IT-project functionality and optimize the management, storage and content delivery, but also to simplify the deployment; new modules are easily plugging into the commonly used systems. As CMS controls not only the content, but also the categories of "users", "goods" and "orders", our specialists are capable of increasing the indications of a tuning speed and frontend flexibility of your product.