Quality Assurance Cost

Software Testing Pricing

We believe, that the financial cooperation and the customer approach should be shaped in different ways. That's the reason why Webmart QA offers the most flexible cooperation models, considering client's requirements and allowing to set the optimal payment method.

Webmart QA uses three interaction methods when dealing with customers:

  • Fixed Price
  • Time and Materials
  • Dedicated Team

Considering your project complexity as a basis, we will form the team of dedicated specialists whose hours of operation are valued at the given rate. The pricing criterions are, as follows, the experience level of our QA specialists, time, that was spent on the testing of your software and its complexity. Therefore, the final cost of chosen services is to be determined by the client.

Comparison of financial interaction methods
Fixed Price
Time & Materials (T&M)

Pilot projects and early development projects

Yes Yes No

Projects, which demand a special knowledge in the area of expertise

Yes No Yes

Detailed technical specifications were developed before the active work stage

Yes No No
Minimal project duration Not limited 1 month 3 month

The final cost of the project is defined prior to start of testing operations

Yes No No

Payments schedule

At every stage Every month Every month
A customer takes part in the specialists commitment for the project No No Yes
The capability of changing the requirements when testing Minimal Yes (not limited) Yes (not limited)
The capability of work on different projects under one agreement No Yes Yes
The specialists work only on the projects of one customer No No Yes
Easy hourly rate of a specialist No No Yes
Optimal projects types Small and middle projects with easily predicted time and financial expenditures, and scales. Middle and large-scale projects with fuzzy requirements, terms and priorities Long-term strategic projects with the constant flow of tasks that provide a demand for the outside team