Software testing process

Interaction process

Contact us and tell us about your project
We will examine and assess the project, arranging a quotation:
  • We will fix the goals and quality metrics
  • Develop the testing strategy
  • Schedule the frequency and contents of delivery packages
  • Assess the budget and schedule
  • Adopt the workflow
Approve the financial interaction model
Sign a contract on the testing services
Define the testing team list
Develop the testing documentation in accordance with the specific requirements of your software
Test the versions and deliver a report in a particular form
As a result, you pay for: high quality product, actual information on its state and further development offers

Send us a request and we will be happy to answer all your questions. We will contact you within one working day.

If necessary, we will carry out the additional poll, after which we will assess the budget, propose the interaction model and a project implementation period, as well as deliver you our testing quotation for free.

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