Automated testing

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Automated testing

In the most general sense, the automated software testing involves checking test scenarios in an automatically mode. The main advantage of automated testing software from the manual is that it reduces the cost for the long-term projects and minimizes the human factor. Our company gives you the opportunity to receive these benefits, providing a full cycle of software test automation.

Automated testing can be used to evaluate the performance and functionality of software quality. The process of test execution and checking results of their implementation is carried out by means of the special software tools. In this case, the reliability of the test results increased, and costs reduced for its re-conduct. Human factor influence on the process of testing is reduced.

The application of this type of testing will be justified economically, if the test project is a multi-component, complex and long-lasting. You should consider the time spent on analysis of the system, the choice of means of implementing of the automated tests and their writing when choosing automated testing. These stages are the most labor-Intensive in the automation. Thus, writing and maintaining of current automated tests requires additional effort. owever, they justify themselves when substituting the work of one or more manual testers at regular regression tests and smoke-testing.

At the same time QA-engineers carry out technically and analytically comprehensive tasks requiring manual approach. The development of mobile applications interface is actively developing along with the web development now. In this regard, automated testing software has been developed in both directions. A huge selection of technologies is available for automated testing of web applications and approaches for its implementation. Broad experience of our specialists allowed forming a set of solutions and tools also for automated testing of mobile applications.

Profitability increase

for the long-term projects.

  • Reducing labor costs of QA-engineers and analysts
  • Compatible with most of the technologies
  • The applicability of the process of Continuous Integration
GUI and usability testing, made by Webmart QA, gave us the opportunity to look to the interface through user's eyes and to define new methods of usability improvement..
Alexander Bradley