Express testing

Express testing

Short-term (express) testing will uncover the most critical issues of software. This analysis will give you the information on the operational usability of your system and priority areas of its improvement as of current date.

Compared to full lifecycle testing, short-term testing demands less time and financial expenditures, but can't act as an alternative. The reason for this is that the diagnosis of a specific version of your software in short terms will reveal the most significant defects only. In accordance with the results of the express testing, a customer could make a decision on how to work to ensure the quality of the end product.

Common project cost savings

when performing the express testing with Webmart QA

  • Short terms
  • Cost savings
  • Fast decision-making
No matter, how exotic is the task given - Webmart QA will always get through in time. We appreciate the reliability of a developed product and a creative approach of specialists very much.
Michael Lane