Functional testing

  • Functional Testing

Functional testing

What is Functional Testing?

Functional tests are used for setting up correspondence between the designed and the actual software behavior. The imitation of practical system use by its user allows to determine the level of the software functional readiness, its accuracy, and compliance with the predefined requirements, as well as to define its capacity for interaction with other applications and safety.

Why do you need this?

The full functional software qa testing provides information about all the software defects and assesses their criticalness for the product. We also deliver recommendations on debugging to develop the project in accordance with the business logic, using the test results.

The way we work.

In case you had outsourced software development, you need to perform independent software testing. Using the project documentation and customer software requirements, our outsource QA-analysts prepare the testing scenarios, after which our team proceeds to work. Functional testing is performed throughout the project life cycle and has varying degrees of coverage.

In Webmart QA that type of software test includes:

  • Testing of business logic, i.e. testing data schema, modules, functions and simultaneous users interaction.
  • Test modules and functions, navigation between modules (in accordance with the standards or the functional test requirements of the product).
  • Web applications testing for broken links, images and other files.
  • Test the source code HTML and CSS structure for error detection and syntax that are critical for functional content and graphical display (layout).
  • Security testing at the basic level (implementation of the script and SQL- code manipulation to the address bar and the identification of source code).
  • Testing of the prototype (usability basics, prototype structure, navigation, interaction logic modules).

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Attrition of project implementation

as a consequence of a functional testing implementation

  • Full process control
  • Guaranteed compliance with a deadline
  • Independent quality assessment
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