Performance testing

  • Performance testing

Performance testing

What is Performance Testing?

Software performance testing is the process of testing that allows checking the software product behavior in real conditions. It can considerably reduce the number of application failures. In contrast to functional testing, which verifies if particular units are functioning correctly, performance testing checks whether the entire system can handle difficult tasks and large volume of data for a certain period of time.

Why do you need this?

Actual information on system performance allows to manage computation capacities, used by the system, and to maintain the required level of a fail-safe operation.

The way we work.

Webmart QA offers the services that allow to assess and to program the performance of a tested client/server app during the nominal, high and peak loads.

While working, our specialists determine the time of execution of target operations at the loads of varying intensity. They define the maximum number of simultaneous users and refer the data received to the optimal parameters for your app type. Those and other operations help us to develop the guidelines for the increase in performance of your platform.

Webmart QA specialists familiar with the different types of testing related to performance.

  • Application performance testing (narrow sense) determines the runtime when the critical business processes and operations are at low loads.
  • Stress test determines the conditions and the load level at which the system fails.
  • Load testing means that the system is experiencing high loads for a long time.
  • Scalability Testing determines the suitability of the application to increase the workload. In this kind test the application's performance is measured with different hardware and software configurations.

Various performance testing software allows you to receive and analyze the parameters of the program, build graphs to show the dependence of the use of resources from the system load or the amount of data being processed.

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Riskless operation of a web-site

under the increased load

  • Guidelines for the optimal system configuration
  • Visualization of test results
  • Confidence in stable work of a web-site
Transferring our projects to Webmart QA, we will not only release the resources of our IT-department, but also accelerate the development.
Nikolay Horn