Web applications testing

  • Web applications testing

Web applications testing

Web apps testing is a complex process that involve a set of interrelated elements.The efficiency of the information systems largely depends on the quality of their development. Any software error can lead to financial loss for the company. You should take into account a wide range of distributed system components that interact with the application by means of testing.

If an error occurs in the network environment is often impossible to determine the place of its origin without a qualified person, as it can occur in any part of the client-server application. QA-engineers take into account features of the architecture of the project and the mechanics of interaction database, server-side applications, web services, third-party components and user interface in the process of testing web applications.

Our experts will carry out full analysis of the primary system to identify all the existing problems and take control of completeness of their correction at later stages of development. The single rules of procedure and format of test documentation are developed for each project.

Coincidence in anticipation

of working results

  • High level of management
  • Full technical audit
  • Precision instruments and methods of the bugs localization
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