Localization testing

  • Localization testing

Localization testing

What is Localization testing?

If you don't want to let your international users down, you need to be sure that your software product is localized into another language or supports the localized version. Therefore, you need to conduct localization testing.

Why do you need this?

Localization testing is a prominent stage of the software diagnosis, because it is adopting the graphical components of the system and, if necessary, reconsidering the product structure and adjusting it to the local needs.

The way we work.

Webmart QA quality assurance specialists verify if the software could cope with the predefined functions with multi-language support. The justification of interface components, system messages and errors, associated documents and other system elements is checked for presence of translation mistakes and presentation in the UI. Product localization mistakes, apart from mistranslation, could include wrong date and numbers format, postal addresses, names and surnames order, currency format, cultural features etc.

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Application audience gain

after the correct localization implementation

  • Software customers' market continues to ascend
  • Savings on the employees hunting and training
  • Building of brand awareness
During our team-work, the company WebmartSoft proved itself as a reliable and competent partner, performing its obligations in time and on the highest professional level. We are very happy to see that our cooperation doesn't end and company specialists are ready to help us with any issue.
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