• UAT-testing


User acceptance testing (UAT) advances the acceptance of the software by business-users and states its readiness to the implementation.

Acceptance testing demands the strong qualifications of respondents, which carry out the acceptance, what, in general, is not applicable to the end users audience. While working in different department and requesting the system with different queries and frequency, your employees will not be able to generate all alone all possible user scenarios at a short notice. In that way, the off-design cases of system interaction could lead to the serious time and financial losses to improve the software project and eliminate the consequences.

For the purpose of an in-time and proper implementation of your product, our team will сarry out user acceptance test and develop the guidelines and will take care about the qualified support and coordination.

Cutting of validation and implementation phases

in case of a correct generation of user scenarios

  • Fast scalability of resources
  • All-round approach to the acceptance testing
  • Acceleration of a software implementation process
Transferring our projects to Webmart QA, we will not only release the resources of our IT-department, but also accelerate the development.
Nikolay Horn