Mobile app testing

Mobile app testing

What is Mobile App testing?

Mobile application testing is the process of getting the confidence that your app will function in the right way on different mobile devices. That kind of testing itself includes different other types of testing: functional testing, load testing, localization testing, GUI and Usability testing, etc.

Why do you need this?

It is hard to control the process of mobile app development on your own. They can create buggy apps what will definitely decrease the app profit and increase users’ complaints. The cost of error in the application final release is incomparably high: negative reviews from the first users are capable to alienate the new ones; therefore, your project will not be able to head the list. That's the reason why such a mobile testing is highly important to the developers and business owners, who expect to assemble a mobile audience.

The way we work.

Our team specializes on mobile-friendly web-sites, as well as on the native apps, created for particular phones, tablets, navigators, etc. Present application testing system will show you if the behavior of the mobile app meets expectations on different screen resolutions, OS versions and browsers, as well as on different types of Internet connections, etc.

The problem could lie in the limited hardware resources and other conditions, which mobile devices' users are facing every day. Our priority is to help you overcome the obstacles without any loss. Webmart QA is testing mobile applications on real devices, as well as carrying out the acceptance test of application before its publication in the online-stores (AppStore, Google Play, Windows Market).

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Acceleration of app release in the App Store

during tests on physical devices

  • Testing on real mobile devices
  • Quality assurance guarantees the app appearance in App Store, Google Play and Windows Market
  • All-round testing coverage
Transferring our projects to Webmart QA, we will not only release the resources of our IT-department, but also accelerate the development.
Nikolay Horn