Security testing

  • Security Testing

Security testing

What is Security testing?

Security testing is destined to detect the methods to penetrate the system. Based on the principles of a privacy, accessibility and sustainability. This type of testing promotes the data, access and connections security.

Why do you need this?

There’s a need to protect software products (both mobile apps and websites) from penetration, as the information security is vitally important nowadays.

The way we work.

Considering the potential vulnerability of system components, team of Webmart QA engineers checks the actual reaction of product safety mechanisms: access control and proper management of errors, data encryption security, input data validation and many other things.

The main request, when assessing the software security, is a high level of a software engineering and OS knowledge. That is the reason why our company is constantly improving the skills of our engineers. The level of your system security is assessed in accordance with the international standard of applications security confirmation OWASP. We also carry out testimonial work on risks and vulnerabilities requirements and you can protect your business and your users.

In Webmart QA security testing includes the following stages :

  1. Preparatory phase, gathering information. QA engineer examines the application to determine possible ways of penetration, collects information about the technologies used in development process, preparing test data and test tools.
  2. Security testing (vulnerability testing). QA engineer simulates hacker’s activity to detect the weaknesses in security. As a rule, all the basic and critical tests are performed manually.
  3. Analysis of test results. At this stage, the software test engineer is preparing a report on web application security testing and a set of recommendations on how to avoid the risk of app crash.

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Reduction of the number of vulnerabilities

and ways to hack the system

  • Unauthorized access protection
  • Standard of security confirmation OWASP
  • Mitigation of risks of loss and data tampering
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