GUI & Usability testing

GUI & Usability testing

What is GUI and Usability testing?

GUI testing is the process of testing graphical user interface of the product to ensure the system corresponds the specifications for particular interface. User interface testing is mostly a success when performed at the very beginning of the project on the stage of creating the prototype.

At the same time software usability testing is the process of testing that shows how much the interface meets user’s expectations. That kind of testing reveals usability defects. As the result you get user-friendly, simple, intuitive interface of your website or mobile application.

Why do you need this?

The issues on user and software product interaction can question the success story of your business project. GUI and system architectural and information workflow should promote fast and effective exercises of user's operations.

GUI & usability testing will check any interface solution and identify architectural and conceptual issues of your product.

The way we work.

We are working in accordance with the international standards and guidelines. The usability test program is developed according to with the project specifics: our usability experts use automatied UI testing and attract respondents from your actual target audience. A defect-list of together with the recommendations on debugging will help to improve the software, increase the users' loyalty and, as a consequence, increase the project economics.

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Increase of the project economics

The project economics are reliably increasing after our recommendations on usability have been used.

  • Expert experience
  • Compliance with the international standards
  • Respondents from the actual target audience
We are very satisfied with the project execution speed and a quality of the end product. You had a chance to find the best safety solution.
Alexei Rudin