During our team-work, the company WebmartSoft proved itself as a reliable and competent partner, performing its obligations in time and on the highest professional level. We are very happy to see that our cooperation doesn't end and company specialists are ready to help us with any issue.
Agronews, News agency
We want to thank the specialists of WebmartSoft company for their problem solving skills and a top-notch qualification, for their attention, flexibility and a literate technical support. We are surely interested in a long-term and fruitful cooperation in future.
Kursor, Press agency
We are really pleased with that collaboration: our project was delivered just in time in accordance with our requirements and requests. We recommend WebmartSoft as the reliable and professional partner.
Timoshkov A. V., LLC "SOFTCLUB-CX"
We want to thank Webmart QA for the job well done. Company employees attend to our requests and requirements, and strive to carry out their duties fairly and reasonably. As a result, we have a web-site, fitted with the modern services, which address all our requests and needs. Thanks to that, we attract customers and potential partners, that help us to sell our products.
Misma, supplementary feeds supplier, CIS
Webmart QA are perfect on the quality improvement issues. Thanks to that, our project - YMMD - is now available in AppStore. Our product is more reliable and looks more decent from now on!
Boon Chew, Nanaimo Studio
We are very satisfied with the project execution speed and a quality of the end product. You had a chance to find the best safety solution.
Alexei Rudin
Qualification, teamplay and flexibility are the guarantee of our stable partnership. We were surprised by your price policy.
Andrei Ramensky
Now, we are confident of the stability of the product, on which Webmart QA team worked.
Ivan Taranov
Thank you for your work, Webmart QA: we were able to locate many defects. It's better to pass the work on locating the errors to the testing engineers, than to the potential users or customers.
Zacharie Farrell
No matter, how exotic is the task given - Webmart QA will always get through in time. We appreciate the reliability of a developed product and a creative approach of specialists very much.
Michael Lane
Transferring our projects to Webmart QA, we will not only release the resources of our IT-department, but also accelerate the development.
Nikolay Horn
Webmart QA specialist understood the subtleties of our business-process and gave us the optimal solution. It stands to mention the effective feedback during the project management.
Oliver Waters
GUI and usability testing, made by Webmart QA, gave us the opportunity to look to the interface through user's eyes and to define new methods of usability improvement..
Alexander Bradley
We want to thank WebmartSoft for effective cooperation in the field of mobile applications testing. Employees of the company have shown a high level of competence and proper implementation of the tasks that have ensured high quality of our product. Our company sees WebmartSoft as a reliable partner.
M.A.Popov, Plan B Agency
Moslight company has been creating thoughtful and useful applications based on iOS, Andriod, Windows Phone and Smart TV. As we want our application to be the best, we trusted quality control of one of our company's products to WebmartSoft. Quality assurance specialists have met our expectations and the result we’ve got a high quality application that will be soon demonstrated to the users. We will continue to cooperate with WebmartSoft company.
Moslight, mobile apps development company