Regression testing

  • Regression testing

Regression testing

What is Regression testing?

Software regression testing is carried out often when the debugging of the defects, located at the functional testing stage, is finished. This kind of testing allows to be sure that the debugged defects did not have a detrimental effect on other functional areas of a software.

Why do you need this?

Only in accordance with the results of a regression testing, QA-team can acknowledge that the configuration and code changes, debugging and other actions did not lead to the appearance of side effects.

The way we work.

Keeping in mind the priority of tasks to be accomplished, our team develops the personal approach to the regression test and analyzes those functional elements of the system that are subject to errors appearance. Thus, by means of manual exploratory testing, we study your product more deeply and at a lower expense, that the standard approaches with a full code coverage demand.

Furthermore, Webmart QA addresses problems systematically: for instance, when developing a stand-alone plug-in, we test not only its functionality, but also its interaction with other software modules, which means we guarantee the system correctness. Our approach protects you against the financial losses and the result of work increases the customers' loyalty.

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Decrease of incidents

from the end users of your applications

  • Reduction of errors quantity when code was changed
  • QA team responsibility for the data provided
  • Cost planning opportunity
We want to thank the specialists of WebmartSoft company for their problem solving skills and a top-notch qualification, for their attention, flexibility and a literate technical support. We are surely interested in a long-term and fruitful cooperation in future.
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