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full lifecycle testing for the system of granting loans to individuals.

Product: the system of granting loans to individuals.
Price model: Time & Material


  • Quality control of the product developed from scratch.
  • First version release with basic set of functions for end users in 2 months.
  • Develop optimal test cases set for checking the correctness of client payments.
  • Provide stable operation of the client-side, taking into account all possible carriers of Internet connection, including 3G method.
  • Guarantee confidentiality and integrity of personal data and financial data on loans.
  • Provide the acceptance and apply 7 stages of functionality improvements, including changes in critical calculation subsystems without data losses and distortion.
  • Develop user-friendly interface for intense training of site operators.

The principle of interaction with the system:

1. The client comes to the point of loan issuing
The operator registers all necessary client data
according to the questionnaire template.
2. All data is processed. The percentage probability
of refund for each client is calculated automatically.
And according to this percentage the operator can
decide either to give a loan to this client or not.
All clients data is registered according to the
questionnaire template, useful data is concidered in statistics
3. The operator gives a loan in cash after coming to a decision.
All sums of the cash register in the system are tracked and automatically updated
4. The operator can provide the client with detailed information about the
total sum for payment in advance. It is calculated in the system by initial
sum of the loan as well as by an individual client
The operator can calculate total loan sum.
5. All changes are fixed and monitored in the system while
the client is returning the debt. All the information
about the client and the current status of the debt
is available for the operator at any time.
The operator can see all the client's debt information
6. There is a special role of collector to control the clients, who don’t return
their debt in time. The collector can see all debtors. He is able to control
the information about days of delay, the state of payments and send the
documents to the court if necessary. All documents related to clients are
formed automatically.
The collector is able to control the state of
debtors payments and send the documents to the court .
7. The system administrator has all rights of the operator + additional options
to control the whole system (to look through the history of system activity,to set up
users, clients, holidays in the calendar, the points of realization, etc.).
8. The reports about executed operations are available for the administrator.
The reports are formed according to selected options.
The system administrator can look through the
reports according to selected options
9. Also administrator has access to payment statistics (on daily payments,
on non-payment possibility). All statistics are updated automatically in
accordance with necessary changes
The system administrator has access to
clients' daily payments
10. As a result, the operator can give loans at the place of realization,
make calculations, store and edit all clients’ information. The administrator monitors
and analyzes information about the executed operations at all points.

Technologies and tools:

  • The bug-tracking system: Attlassian Jira, deployed on
    Webmart QA server.
  • Website management: Webmart CMS.
  • Emulation of different connection speeds: NetLimiter 4.
  • Checking of calculations functionality according to calendar
    changes on server: VMWare Workstation 9.0
  • Platform: Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3, Symfony 2.1.7, MySql 5.1.
  • Load testing: SilkPerformer 10.0.
  • Security standard: OWASP.
  • Security scanners: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8.
  • Automatic detection of broken links on the website:
    Xenu’s Link Checker.
  • Usability standards: ISO 9241(the list of the requirements for ergonomic
    indicators of office display terminal), ISO 13407(design of user interactive systems), ISO 18529(describes the design of user interfaces according to the requirements of ergonomics), ISO 16982(ergonomics of interaction between a person and the system).


Active site operators started
their work in the system
during a week in real mode

At the moment registration
and adaptation of new operators
in the system lasts for a few
Final release version
was completed with
a 3-month period.
User data have never been
affected by violators,
although there were attempts
of unauthorized access.
The project operates in 3 points of
issuing loans for 10 service
operators with different
options of operating computers
and Internet connections.
7 stages of the improvements
have been implemented
during 5 months, including
calculation algorithms changes.
The total work of QA engineers
is more than 500 man-hours.
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