Affiliate program

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Testing of e-commerce
referral system

A printing plant, Belarus Besides the printed materials, the company puts out t-shirts, pillows, corporate giftware with prints and collaborates with the overseas companies.

Interaction model: Fixed Price
  • 1. WebmartSoft software team has developed an additional module with a separate entry point to manage the affiliate programs. This module has been developed in addition to the existing web-site. The module is integrated in the main goods catalogue.
  • 2. Top priority for the testing team was to organize the optimal testing strategy: to locate all the defects of a new subsystem and to guarantee the absence of new errors on a working web-site, using the limited budget in 40 man-hours.
Working principle of the affiliate program:

Every affiliate partner can choose goods and categories, which he wants to sell on his web-site:

You can pick a style of affiliate program elements to match your web-site.

The system remembers all settings entered and generates the code. All you need to do to make things work is to put this code on any page of your web-site. All the operations on affiliate program placement on your web-site will take not more than 10 minutes.

The main principle of the affiliate program is to make is to easy that it can be done by anyone without any skills in programming.
The work of testing team was structured as follows:

Team manager made a test plan - a document, which includes the detailed information of designed quality assurance works, including the schedule of phases, risks, description of tests types, inspections and used tools.

Along with that, we gathered a team, which consisted of two QA engineers which examined the system and prepared a checklist to be done for eight man-hours.

Testing engineers carried out the express testing of a product to define the most critical issues of the affiliate program and assess the web-site quality in general after the implementation of a new sub-system. At that, the following areas were checked by engineers:

  • The operability of registration and authorization functions. The correct separation of access permissions with the roles of partners and administrator.
  • The consistency of goods categories, separate units and their parameters, shown in the affiliate program and on the web-site.
  • The script generation with all possible display parameters: collocation variants, colours of plug-in elements, plug-in display width in different browsers, on the web-sites with different types of layout.
  • Script placement of the affiliate web-site. Script interpretation and display.
  • The ordering and payments made through the plug-in interface, placed on the affiliate web-site
  • The correctness of data change in the common database of orders of a main web-site, the correctness of calculation of financial statistics for the given periods both for the owner of affiliate web-site and the global administrator.

When the express testing report was delivered, a customer has agreed to accomplish the full cycle of QA of the project. The budget was pushed up to 140 man-hours. We carried out the functional and regression testings of six more projects packages, until all the inspections were not passed successfully and all the defects were located and corrected.

The affiliate program script
was embedded in about
50 e-shops.
The functionality of the main
web-shop was not damaged;
conversely, we located the defects
which had a detrimental impact on
the ordering system operation
and a correct display of layout elements.
The customer is satisfied with
the operation of affiliate program
and a profit he gained from
the affiliate web-sites.
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