You Made My Day (YMMD)

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You Made My Day (YMMD) – iPhone mobile app testing

  • Customer:
    - mobile development studio, USA
  • Interaction
    Time & Material
  • Tasks:
    To define on fly the actual quality level of a native app, which was given together with the incoming testing request.
    To locate the defects for a mobile app, which was already developed, yet not stabilized.
    To ensure the highest quality of a product, which has been developing for 6 months already without any stabilization, within a month.
    Carry out the final app acceptance to publish on App Store.

Tests types:

  • Functional testing
    1. For client: quick assessment of a knowledge of our specialists, quality of interaction and results provided; listing of defects and a report on app quality as of the date of testing
    2. For Webmart QA: specification of a current quality level, further testing strategy construction, test data, test plan and documentation processing
  • Mobile apps testing
  • GUI & Usability testing


The project is the mobile application for everyday use on iPhone. It gathers the information of phone and connected social networks contacts. Then, the information is transferred to the calendar, where all information of contacts birthdays is shown.

The data is stored in the cloud, which means that, logging into your account on another device, user will easily get the necessary information.

The app can remind of an upcoming birthday and gives an opportunity to send your own message or template through the social network, by e-mail or in SMS in text, voice or graphic. You can also record and send a voice message, as well as the graphic birthday card to the birthday person.

With the statistics feature you can gain the number of your friends that were born in selected month or under a specified zodiac sign. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to personalize the app by changing the themes.

Additional features become available after in-app purchase.


To guarantee the app cross-platform support we used the physical devices from our fleet: iPod 4th Gen, iPhone 4, iPhone 5. As the operational systems, iOS 6 and iOS 7 were chosen. The latter one was released when the testing procedure of YYMD app was on its final stage. This way, the app was adopted to use on a new OS.

The issue tracking system Atlassian Jira v6, deployed on a customer side, was used for tracking and debugging purposes.

iPhone Configuration Utility 3.6.2 и iPhone Configuration Utility 3.6.2 and Crashlytics were used to follow the system events and errors of the tested iOS application.

iCloud was used as a storage of input-output results of testing. To deliver the testing packages, we used the web-service

App Review App Review Guidelines and iOS Human Interface Guideline were used while testing, as the acceptance standards for mobile apps to enter App Store and as the guidelines to ensure the usability of developed app.



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